Tesla model x

The introduction of the Tesla Model X showcased some unusual and interesting features.


doors opening

Ludicrous Mode: If your six passengers trust you can handle it.

We were fortunate to take a ride in a Tesla Model X and experience it’s 3.2 second 0-60 sprint. Tesla claims the ludicrous mode can help achieve a 11.7 second quarter mile and reach a top speed of 155 mph. The front and rear motors combined produce upwards of 700hp & 700 lb-ft of torque.






gas mask

Built in Biological Attack filtration

For many of us this is great news.

It has been such a burden having to carry our gas mask with us everywhere.







Yoga inspired doors

While you may think this feature is meant for blocking in those losers with traditional doors… it actually is meant for other uses. The built in ultrasonic sensors detect overhead and side clearance to determine how it opens. Tesla says they are designed to make it easier for child placement in car seats.

These doors are really slow so make sure you return to your model X a few minutes before a biological attack begins.



The Panorama Windshield

No more blind spots above your car.






Hard to rollover

​This model X boost a low center of gravity making it difficult to rollover. If you manage to roll this thing over or launch it off a cliff, tesla says “it will land on its feet.” Our budget for launching cars off cliffs is $500 so we will take their word for it.

Here you can see a highly tuned car lacking Tesla’s special Cat like technology.

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